West River Quaker Burying* Ground

Galesville, Maryland

*also known as "West River Quaker Burial Ground"

Rules for Burials

Please be advised that the following rules, eff. 6/1/97, must be observed when burying in the West River Quaker Burial Ground (WRQBG):

1.  WRQBG Trustees must be notified before any burial / interment takes place.  Local trustees available are: Bing Valladingham, clerk (410-867-0575), Ray Weems (443-336-7298) and Connie Parks (443-995-4353).  If unable to contact any of these, please leave a message with Annapolis Friends Meeting (410-573-0634) and a Trustee will be in touch so that burial may be arranged.

2.  Any request for interment should include the name of the person to be buried, the date of burial and the lot/site to be used. The name and phone number of the person in charge of arrangements as well as the funeral director should be included.

3.  A copy of the State of Md./ Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Burial-Transit Permit must be delivered to the Trustee at the time the grave is opened , unless cremation.

4.  No burial may take place, or site used, unless total cost (endowment) of entire family lot has been paid in full.  At this time the cost of one site (single use) is $3,000 (subject to change without notice).  Family lots vary as to the number of sites.

5.  At the time the lot is used, prior to opening the grave, a onetime fee of $500 (subject to change without notice) payable to WRQBG must be paid.

6.  All graves must be dug by hand.  Each site for single use interment only. (Speak with a Trustee if clarification is needed.)  Liner or vault is required, to be provided by the undertaker. No machinery or vehicular traffic is allowed in the graveyard, except as set out below. 

7.  Vaults or markers may be transported by small vehicles. Since there are no established roadways, extreme care must be exercised.  If damage is done to existing graves, markers or WRQBG property (including but not limited to fence, gates & trees), the person(s) or agency responsible for the damage shall be liable for the cost of repair or replacement.  Trustees must  be notified as to the date and time equipment is to enter the graveyard.  No vehicle may benter without prior approval by Trustees.

8.  Dirt excavated from graves will not be indiscriminately spread in the graveyard.  Excess dirt will be removed from the grave site by the gravedigger and spread in areas designated by the Trustees or removed from the graveyard.

9.  No monuments, markers or permanent fixtures or plantings shall be installed without prior approval of the Trustees. [The Trustees setstandards for grave markers for practical purposes of maintenance and durability.]"    Monument companies and funeral homes must determine that approval has been obtained from Trustees.  No enclosures of any kind are allowed. Family lots must be defined by cornerstones.

10.  Floral arrangements may not be placed on top of grave monuments / markers. They should be placed on the ground, or on stands designed to be firmly anchored to the ground.  Floral arrangements and other tributes, from time to time, as weather and wear dictated, will be removed by or at the discretion of Trustees.  As funds are limited and no one is paid to remove these items, we ask those who place them to make arrangements for removal after 60 days.  No glass containers or items are allowed. When leaving flowers and other memorials, please keep in mind the impact on the graveyard.

11.  No transfer of any lot, or site, may occur without prior approval of Trustees. Endowments must be paid in full at time of any approved transfer.

12.  All should keep in mind the historic significance of this place which has been used as church and burying ground for 325 years.

        (SIGNED - 1997 Trustees)



Grave Markers

SINGLE SITE- Maximum outside dimensions 24 x 14 centered  over site, 24 high

DOUBLE SITE-- Maximum outside dimensions 48 x 14 centered  over site, 30 high


All monuments must be approved by Trustees. Drawings/specs are sent for approval and kept on file. Trustees also must locate the monument site.


We need to be firm regarding monuments and careful about their placement.  On a recent occasion, the monument company or family tried to place a double stone on a single site with no regard to who had use of the adjoining site.


Anything out of the ordinary needs to be brought before the Trustees for approval.


 Notice: West River Quaker Burying Ground ["WRQBG''] is a Maryland corporation, legally separate from the Friends (Quaker) Meeting of Annapolis, Inc.["AFM"].  AFM provides this webpage for benefit of WRQBG, but further information and decisions as to WRQBG must come from WRQBG's Board of Trustees.


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