Annapolis Friends Meeting
Peace and Justice Center

The Annapolis Friends Meeting (AFM) Peace and Justice Center (P&JC) provides:

  1. A place where people who want to champion peace and justice initiatives can clarify their ideas, gather resources, and organize efforts;


  1. Opportunities for training and education about peace and justice methods and processes;


  1. Safe space for people to dialogue about controversial public issues;


  1. Networks and partnerships with individuals and groups who share peace and justice concerns; and


  1. A more visible community presence for Annapolis Friends Meeting.

Recent P&JC activities include:

·         Learning Opportunities: Workshops and Trainings

    • Support the Teaching Peace Initiative (TPI) in which Annapolis’ Key School high-school students have developed a curriculum and field tested workshops for 4th through 6th graders focusing on helping students become personally sensitive to signs and effects of bullying and on providing tools and insights to be peacemakers (2011 through present).  For more information, see .
    • Facilitate Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops and trainings in our community and prisons (2009 to present).  For more information, see for domestic activities and for international activities.
    • Introduced Help Increase the Peace (HIP) to the Annapolis Boys and Girls Club and partnered with Light of the World family Ministries to provide HIP to bring practical skills and conflict resolution tools to first-offender youth. (2008-9)

·        Conferences and Dialogues

o   Sponsor Community Dialogues on (1) controversial ballot initiatives in 2012; (2) other controversial public issues (2013-present)

o   Organized the 9/11 Conference with Future Leaders in cooperation with St John's College where more than 100 college and high school students listened to and discussed presentations by military, government and civilian specialists about national and international lessons learned since America’s 9/11 experience at the ten year anniversary.   [The Key School Students’ TPI Program was an outcome of this conference.] (2011)

o   Hosted and facilitated negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian delegations resulting in a water rights agreement for the Geneva Initiative.  (2008)


P&JC Welcomes New Initiatives

Do you have a strong idea, interest, or concern about an issue involving peace or justice?  (It may be small or large in scope.)  Are you willing to be a champion for your cause?  Might you want to work with the P&J Center in creating an initiative around your idea? 

If your answers to these questions are “yes,” we encourage you to write a proposal to work with the Center.   In a proposal of two pages, or so, please answer the following questions:

1)     What is your idea, interest, or concern?

2)     What end results you would like to realize?

3)     What activities are you considering?

4)     What support from the P&JC do you believe you need to move the idea forward?

5)     As the champion for your initiative, what will you contribute to the effort?

6)     (Please include your name and contact information.)

If your idea is accepted as an initiative by the Center, your sustained presence and activity will be essential.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the Center co-clerks.

Once it is completed, please give your proposal (or email it) to one of the P&JC co-clerks:

Phil Favero  
Kit Hanley  443-758-5726





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